Bob Beare is an experienced actor and artist as well as a skilled therapist. His book The Creative Fire is an elegant way to explore one’s passions and possibilities.
Mark Bryan, The Artist’s Way at Work and The Artist’s Way Seminars
In The Creative Fire, Bob Beare reminds us of that creative, imaginative soul which lay so palpably close to us as children. So, where did it go? He brings a wealth of experience as a therapist, a performer, a fellow like us, to provide a guidebook to help the reader recover that playful, healing energy, that desire for the fire of life, which lies within us still.
James Hollis Ph.D., Jungian analyst and author of Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life
The Creative Fire is astute, accessible, and beautifully documented. Bob Beare has captured the essence of a wide variety of expressive mediums. In a very practical way he shows how the recognition of, and sensitivity to, creative expression can be used quite directly in the process of self-discovery. His personal stories bring it to life and make it relatable. Written with clarity, humor, and compassion, he brings the reader to a new understanding of what creativity is and what might get in the way of such expression. The premise is powerful: creativity is the source of healing and connection. For many of us, it has been shaped and limited by the need for self-protection. This book outlines a gentle and compassionate approach for beginning recovery. If you want to experience the freedom of expression and to better understand what ways you might be moved to share parts of yourself that you may have been unaware of, read this book.
Abi Williams, Ph.D.