Addiction Therapy

With over 25 years of clinical leadership in the addiction treatment field, Bob Beare has developed specialties in process addictions, healing through creativity, men’s work, and family of origin issues. He was Clinical Director and is currently the Senior Clinical Consultant at The Last Resort Recovery Center for Men; making his skill set in the field of addiction among the most extensive and highly recognized in the area.

Addiction comes in all forms, and ‘rock bottom’ is a very personal place, but always an empty, dark and lonely place. Whether the addiction is alcohol, prescribed medications, social drugs, food, sex, work, shopping, gambling or some other addictive behavior, over time what was once pleasurable becomes unmanageable. Addiction takes control of lives.  Addiction therapy works by using the disease model of addiction to show what happens to the body and brain when they become addicted to substances and/or behaviors. Addiction therapy is about increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which assists us to see destructive patterns in our life and to make the choices needed to bring freedom from addiction.


Because Dr. Beare has a personal background in overcoming addiction, he has a very specific understanding for individuals and families seeking help in this area. Bob has the ability to create a safe environment where those he offers counseling and guidance feel comfortable and willing to share their own insight; creating a strong foundation leading to successful recovery.

Chemical Addiction

Food Addiction

Sex & Love Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Shopping/Spending Addiction

Internet Addiction