Executive Coaching

A seasoned executive coach, Bob designs and delivers innovative and transformational coaching for executives, aspiring leaders, and facilitators. He has worked extensively with executive teams in order to create a flourishing company culture through his signature curriculum.

Dr. Beare is a masterful teacher of personal resilience, decision making processes, vulnerable and authentic leadership, shared vision strategy, and trust. He is available for private coaching as well as full-staff conferences. If you are interested in a consultation, please book as soon as possible to ensure availability.

The development of insight and increased emotional intelligence is the goal of coaching so that a true sense of direction can be experienced. Dr. Beare uses a variety of assessment tools including the Enneagram and the Birkman Method.

The Enneagram is a fun and effective way to expand our understanding of personality styles. The Enneagram is mainly a diagnostic tool of one’s emotional outlook on life.  It will not cure one’s problems, but may help point out their underlying fixations.  It is also useful as a guide to how other people see the world differently.

Dr Beare is a certified Birkman Method consultant. It is a practical and dynamic workplace assessment. The Birkman Method is the assessment for improving people skills and aligning roles to maximize productivity and success. Unlike other personality assessments, The Birkman Method integrates behavioral and career data into one assessment, allowing you to target many applications through the completion of only one questionnaire.

Specific application uses of The Birkman Method include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Career Exploration
  • Team Building
  • Talent Selection
  • Sales & Negotiation

Coaching Specialties

Bob will challenge you and demand your best, ensuring a tangible return on investment. The knowledge you gain from this transformative program can provide immediate relevance and impact for you and your organization.

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Career Assessment

Emotional Intelligence

Shadow Work

Vision and Goal Development

Leadership Self Care