Individual Therapy

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or depressed by our fast-paced and sometimes impersonal busy lifestyles. When inner troubles get to be too much, it helps to gain some outside perspective and support. Whether you are coping with major life changes, depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, or simply desiring greater self-knowledge, Bob’s 20 plus years of experience and supportive style will help to guide you through it all and develop more understanding and self-acceptance. We all struggle, but Bob believes there is gold in the darkness, and that a deeper sense of being alive is possible.

“Don’t waste the suffering”
-Bob Beare, Ph.D.


No matter your situation, Bob Beare can provide guidance and support, allowing you to talk openly and work together to identify and change the patterns that are keeping you from feeling your best.

Anxiety & Depression

Behavioral Issues & Mood Disorders

Eating Disorders & Weight Loss

Family Conflict, Adoption, Family of Origin

Trauma, PTSD & Grief

Anger Management



Substance Abuse & Addiction