Conflict and Leadership Training

Conflict is rooted in unconscious projections of leaders, peers, or followers, and conflict resolution is a result of personal ownership (or the retraction) of previously unconscious projections. Bernard Bass (2008), in his Handbook of Leadership, writes, "conflict has a tendency to escalate and to be exacerbated by mirror imaging-attributing opposite qualities to the opposition in [...]

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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Authentic Leadership

Traits are based on individual differences between people. Considerable research exists related to leadership traits. This blog post will focus on traits that correlate to successful authentic leadership in the areas of emotional intelligence (EI), creativity, and confidence. In a study of executive leaders of major organizational change initiatives, Petran (2008) discovered that emotional intelligence [...]

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Understanding Transformational Leadership Theory

Transformational leadership theory is accepted in academia as legitimate due to sufficient research data. Bass (1994) distinguishes four factors that characterize this theory including: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration. Transformational leaders integrate creative insight, persistence and energy, intuition and sensitivity to the needs of others to "forge the strategy culture alloy" [...]

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What’s the Difference Between Transactional Leadership and Transformational Leadership?

Leaders operate in many different capacities. Bass (2008) describes the evolution of identifying leadership functions from early simplifications such as “planners”, “organizers” and “controllers” to descriptions that include over 66 leadership roles. Tom Peters (2003) concludes his bold writing on leadership excellence with 50 functions that leaders fulfill. Leadership styles are equally diverse. Bass (2008) [...]

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Characteristics of Transformational Leadership and Authentic Leadership

This post compares the leadership approaches of Stan Goss, an executive coach, international speaker, and long-time mentor of this writer, and Mohandas Gandhi, the political and spiritual leader. Both men have modeled attributes that are characteristic of transformational leadership and authentic leadership styles. The 8-step approach of Advanced Change Theory (ACT), presented by Robert Quinn [...]

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Why Be Vulnerable

Dr. Brene Brown defines vulnerability as emotional exposure, uncertainty, and risk. Being open emotionally means to have awareness of our own emotions, which seems kind of simple or easy, but in reality most of us seldom are conscious of our fear, anger, and sadness unless it completely overwhelms us. Uncertainty is the choice to acknowledge [...]

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Brave Heart Experience Workshops Scheduled October 28-30 & December 2-4

Follow the hero's journey in our next two Brave Heart Experience workshops: October 28-30 & December 2-4. Confront your fears and develop a deeper sense of authenticity. Speak from the heart, heal your “parent-child” wounds, and access the power of vulnerability. Sign up here. The Brave Heart Experience at The Last Resort Recovery Center For Men [...]

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4th Annual TAAP Golf Tournament: August 10th, 2016

Fourth Annual TAAP Golf Tournament As part of the 42nd Annual State TAAP Conference on Addiction Studies - Wednesday, August 10, 2016 @ Hill Country Golf Club at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa Check out the schedule here! Interested in Sponsoring? There's still time: fill this out & send to The Hill Country Golf [...]

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Experience Your Stories Brought To Life With The Houston Playback Theatre

Co-founded by Bob Beare in 1996, the Houston Playback Theatre (HPT) is a theatre troupe that specializes in performances in which the audience takes part in the show as much as the actors themselves, through a method of improvisational theatre called “playback.” The idea of “playback theatre” was invented in 1975, mixing the concept of [...]

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