Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Values

Bernard Bass (2008), in his Handbook of Leadership, suggests that leadership values depend on occupational and societal influences and that the differences in values “range from education to nationality” (p. 197). There is little suggestion in the text, though, that personal and family history is important in the formulation or the transformation of leadership values. [...]

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How Does Culture Affect Leadership?

Nearly every aspect of leadership is affected by culture. Bernard Bass said, “The values, beliefs, norms and ideals embedded in a culture affect leadership behavior, goals, and strategies of organizations.” For example, North Americans emphasize individual ability and effort as a basis for promotions. In India, advancement is attributed to externalities such as marriage, friends, [...]

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Awakening: Helping Clients Ring that Spiritual Bell

All of us involved in transformational leadership – coaches, therapists, consultants, conscious leaders – are in the business of creating opportunities for our clients and employees to awaken to another level of growth. Life itself is a pretty good facilitator and will present situations from which we grow naturally. But some situations demand an intentional [...]

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Power and Transformational Leadership

Bernard Bass in his Handbook of Leadership defines social power as “the force less power underlying social exchanges in which the dependent person in the exchange relationship has and the person with more power is able to obtain compliance with his or her wishes” (p. 263). This is more of a definition of control than [...]

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What’s the Difference Between Transactional Leadership and Transformational Leadership?

Leaders operate in many different capacities. Bass (2008) describes the evolution of identifying leadership functions from early simplifications such as “planners”, “organizers” and “controllers” to descriptions that include over 66 leadership roles. Tom Peters (2003) concludes his bold writing on leadership excellence with 50 functions that leaders fulfill. Leadership styles are equally diverse. Bass (2008) [...]

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Characteristics of Transformational Leadership and Authentic Leadership

This post compares the leadership approaches of Stan Goss, an executive coach, international speaker, and long-time mentor of this writer, and Mohandas Gandhi, the political and spiritual leader. Both men have modeled attributes that are characteristic of transformational leadership and authentic leadership styles. The 8-step approach of Advanced Change Theory (ACT), presented by Robert Quinn [...]

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