All of us involved in transformational leadership – coaches, therapists, consultants, conscious leaders – are in the business of creating opportunities for our clients and employees to awaken to another level of growth. Life itself is a pretty good facilitator and will present situations from which we grow naturally. But some situations demand an intentional plunge into facing our internal blocks to growth such as leadership teams in conflict or individuals/families affected by addiction. When there is suffering, there is opportunity for growth…don’t waste the suffering!

Leadership trainings, experiential intensives, and psychodynamic coaching/therapy can fast forward the process of off-loading some of the negative baggage that causes rigidity. A more flexible psychological receptiveness emerges – an ability to honestly reflect on character defects and begin to know what Dr Carl Jung called “The Shadow.”

Those of us who have worked with hard driving leaders or emotionally shut down addicts know the wall of denial and intellectualism that blocks growth. Dr. Carl Jung’s contributions to the field of psychology are increasingly being seen as seminal in leadership development, and were identified by Bill Wilson, the founder of AA, as “…the first foundation stone upon which AA was built.”

In addiction treatment (which is similar to working with dysfunctional leaders and organizations – See The Addictive Organization), the use of high accountability spiritual principles in combination with intensive psychodynamic experiential processes is highly effective.

The Creative Life Institute, in collaboration with The Last Resort Recovery Center, has developed The Brave Heart Experience, a 2 ½ day intensive for men who want to crack open that deeper place within. Go to this link to find out more about this monthly workshop held at The Last Resort near Austin, Texas.:

About the Author:

Bob Beare, Ph.D. is a psychologist and leadership consultant in Austin, Texas. He is the founder of the Brave Heart Experience (a 2 ½ day men’s intensive for fathers, sons, and brothers in recovery) and Authentic Leadership Programs (an advanced leadership development program for corporate leadership teams).