Why Should a Leader Develop Emotional Intelligence?

When parents are confronted with a crisis regarding their children, they often bring their adolescents to psychotherapists to be “fixed”. If the facilitator is experienced, the adults are confronted with the need to do some family of origin work in order to look at the unconscious reality driving the dysfunction. Organizations work the same way, [...]

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What’s More Important for Authentic Leadership? Leadership Values or Vulnerability?

Bernard Bass (2008) writes, “Successful leaders share values with those they lead” (p. 197). Unintentionally, the author has identified an aspect of the problem: leaders who model immaturity and limited self-awareness breed immature and unconscious values in their followers. Conversely, many leaders attempt to manipulate their followers by researching their values, and pretending to share [...]

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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Values

Bernard Bass (2008), in his Handbook of Leadership, suggests that leadership values depend on occupational and societal influences and that the differences in values “range from education to nationality” (p. 197). There is little suggestion in the text, though, that personal and family history is important in the formulation or the transformation of leadership values. [...]

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The Current State of Ethical Leadership with Dr. Joanne Ciulla

A pioneer in American leadership studies, leadership ethics, and business ethics, Joanne Ciulla began her distinguished career as a research fellow at Harvard in 1984. Since then she’s authored several books including The Working Life: The Promise and Betrayal of Modern Work and three volumes of Leadership at the Crossroads, and over one hundred scholarly articles such [...]

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Awakening: Helping Clients Ring that Spiritual Bell

All of us involved in transformational leadership – coaches, therapists, consultants, conscious leaders – are in the business of creating opportunities for our clients and employees to awaken to another level of growth. Life itself is a pretty good facilitator and will present situations from which we grow naturally. But some situations demand an intentional [...]

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Conflict and Leadership Training

Conflict is rooted in unconscious projections of leaders, peers, or followers, and conflict resolution is a result of personal ownership (or the retraction) of previously unconscious projections. Bernard Bass (2008), in his Handbook of Leadership, writes, "conflict has a tendency to escalate and to be exacerbated by mirror imaging-attributing opposite qualities to the opposition in [...]

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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Authentic Leadership

Traits are based on individual differences between people. Considerable research exists related to leadership traits. This blog post will focus on traits that correlate to successful authentic leadership in the areas of emotional intelligence (EI), creativity, and confidence. In a study of executive leaders of major organizational change initiatives, Petran (2008) discovered that emotional intelligence [...]

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Donald Trump’s Popularity is a Healthy Sign for the Direction of Leadership in America

It is almost impossible to be vulnerable and transparent as a public leader in our culture. That is why Clinton remained wooden and completely absent from her body during the election. If she showed emotion, she may well have been torn to shreds. See Smith, Brescoll, & Thomas (2016) on the extra challenge women have to face [...]

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Why Be Vulnerable

Dr. Brene Brown defines vulnerability as emotional exposure, uncertainty, and risk. Being open emotionally means to have awareness of our own emotions, which seems kind of simple or easy, but in reality most of us seldom are conscious of our fear, anger, and sadness unless it completely overwhelms us. Uncertainty is the choice to acknowledge [...]

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Brave Heart Experience Workshops Scheduled October 28-30 & December 2-4

Follow the hero's journey in our next two Brave Heart Experience workshops: October 28-30 & December 2-4. Confront your fears and develop a deeper sense of authenticity. Speak from the heart, heal your “parent-child” wounds, and access the power of vulnerability. Sign up here. The Brave Heart Experience at The Last Resort Recovery Center For Men [...]

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